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There seems to be problems with AJAX and JavaScript interuptions, some users may have experienced Errors when logging in. We are very sorry, the problem will be fixed very soon, until then there's a simple version of login form. If you have experienced any problems using it, PM main administration to resolve the issue.

- Guma
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There has been a huge cloak behind our projects, some have been not yet released and some took a part in contests and did really well. As recently some of you know, Stellar Zero has won the 3rd place in GameJolt contest, and once our T-shirt arrives we will put up a picture here!
On the other note, as the title mentions Stellar One is in development. Hell yes, a sequel with no time limits, full storyline and approximately 1/2 hours of gameplay.

Stay tuned, we will inform as soon as the first screenshots will be available to public! 
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Those who could help to look after our future forums are greatly welcome!
We're now looking for team members, that could attend as forum moderators.

If you wan't to become a forum moderator, comment below! It doesn't matter how much posts you have made or how active you are, we will be picking depending on grammar, trust, and actions. If abused, the privileges will be taken and offered to other personas, so make sure to be active and follow the rules!

Fields: (Marked with "*" are necessary!)
• Have you've been a visitor on our previous websites (Rebbit Studio)?
• * Why you wan't to become a moderator?
• * How would you support us? (Advertise ETC)
• Have you had experiences on other forums as a moderator/admin, if so when and how?
• * How do you consider the trust, will you take it lightly or appreciate it?
• * Name (Attending as a moderator requires to have some real credits in order ... Read more »
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Our recent game, Stellar Zero has attended at GameJolt contest 9 (Theme CHAOS) and took 
3rd place!
We are very happy, due to a fact that the game had only 9 days to complete, and was our
 first attend.

The game will be uploaded to our website shortly, a better and improved; polished version.

Wan't a proof?

This will be written in the history of Pebble Games for sure!

Now what has to be done yet, that we are releasing a new patch for it! Since the game 
was made almost a month ago, InsaneGear the FPS engine we use for our games got
 really improved, and yet the Stellar Zero got outdated to be in standards to upload
 to our website. I have took my time and put all the new graphical features from 
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We've recently started gaining more attention in comparison to our previous attempts also known as;
Rebbit Games - Our first ever website/"company"! I'm sure the domain is still up even :D
Rebbit Studio - We've taken a step further than, we've tried to bring a massive update by making our own design on website, new solutions, awesome forums and everything you could imagine of, it was a leap further then)

And finally here we are! Still working on the Pebble Games, and we are hoping this is our last time moving from site to site. I'm very excited for this project and so I'm sure you guys are, so i will be bringing some good news;

Forum update!
It may not be as big again, in comparison, but this could gain us more members. I'm sure a lot of members like places where they can share and socialize.

Is the website dead?
Not as big, but it's not dead. Just very young.... Read more »
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Website is under maintenance!
It is under very heavy development, and a lot of things can change.
Please keep in head that there might be a lot of content removed,
or added, so stay tuned! We will make sure to indefinitely keep
everyone updated once the website is complete!

It might not be very fun to crawl around here while it's kind of empty.
We will bring it to life once done.
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